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Recently Asked Questions

Questions asked by our customers:

Can I use my Paypal account? Over the phone?
Answer: Paypal can be used on our website, but not over our phone order line (503) 344-6591
By phone, we can only accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express cards.

Some of my buttons don't work consistently. Do I need a new remote?
Answer: Most likely a new remote will fix your problem. The buttons that are used the most are the first ones to stop working, as their conductive paint wears away first.
Alternate Answer: If you can carefully open your remote, you can clean the rubber keypad and printed circuit board. Sometimes that will restore consistent operation, but usually, you'll need to re-paint the conductive paint on the back of the rubber keypad. We recommend www.Remotefixit.com for cleaner and conductive paint supplies.

How can I track my package if I don't have a computer or smartphone?
Answer: You can call our customer service phone number (503) 344-6591 during our office hours and we can track your package for you.
Alternate Answer: You can call our customer service phone number (503) 344-6591 and we can give you the Postal Tracking number that was assigned to your package. Then you can either call the Post Office at (800) ASK-USPS and give them the postal tracking number and they will tell you when they expect the package to be delivered.

I'm looking for the remote for Boogey Lights. Do you carry those?
Answer: No, we do not have the remotes for LED Awning Boogey Lights. We recommend visiting
www.BoogeyLights.com or call them at (800) 847-1359

Why won't my Onkyo DX-C120 CD player work by remote?
Short Answer: It's a Non-Remote Unit.
Longer Answer: 3 Models of Onkyo CD players are listed on the cover of the owner's manual, DX-C120, DX-C220, and DX-C320. Only the last two, DX-C220 & DX-C320 have a built in "electric eye" or IR Detector. No Remote control in the world will work with a component that was built without an electric eye or IR detector. It's 'blind' and cannot see or respond to remote control signals.
Now with that being said, this model (DX-C120) from Onkyo did come with a remote control cable that if connected to the matching Onkyo receiver would allow you to remotely control the DX-C120 through the matching Onkyo receiver's built in electric eye or IR detector. The chances of you having the matching Onkyo receiver And the necessary remote control cable are about 1,000 to 1, but if you did, and you connected everything correctly, and you had the matching Onkyo receiver's remote control, you could control the DX-C120 remotely.

Why can't I see my Menus on my Rotel RSP-1572 Sound Processor?
Answer: Many Audio components use your TV screen to view the Menus. This requires you to connect your Audio Component to your TV via a composite Video cable (usually Yellow RCA type connector) and for newer components like the Rotel RSP-1572, you can use an HDMI connector to connect your TV to see the On-Screen Menus. Instruction on how to connect your TV to your component are in the owner's manual of the component.

Where can I find replacement ONN remote controls?
Answer: We have Custom Built Redi remotes that fit some ONN models, but usually the best answer is to buy another ONN product on Ebay making sure the Ebay seller includes the remote control along with the ONN unit. It may seem silly to buy the entire product just to get the remote, but it has been the best solution many times. Can't find a replacement ONN remote? Look for the entire product with remote for sale on Ebay!

I need help programming the keyfob I bought from Remotes.com
Answer: Remotes.com doesn't sell keyfobs. You may have confused us with RemotesRemotes.com. The way their logo shows their name, many people think they are Remotes.com.
Once again, Remotes.com doesn't sell Keyfobs. We recommend
www.RemotesUnlimited.com for all your keyfob needs.

Why doesn't my remote control work?
Answer: The most common reason is the batteries are dead. After that, the second most common reason is the remote control has been squeezed too hard and something has broken inside the remote. Usually the printed circuit board (PCB). The third most common reason is the 'electric eye' or infrared detector is blocked or has failed. This last reason actually has nothing to do with the actual remote in your hand. The electric eye or IR Detector is located on the unit being controlled. If you should happen to block the sensor with a picture, pillow, a stack of boxes--anything, it will make your remote control appear as if it has stopped working.
There are two parts to a remote control system. The remote control and the electric eye. Both must be working or you may assume, incorrectly, that you need a new remote.

Why does tapping on a remote sometimes make it work?
Light tapping of a remote in your hand or on a table shakes the batteries, and can restore a bad connection. Another remote hack, is to roll the batteries in the remote control. This can improve the connection between the remote and the batteries, allowing you a little more time before having to change the batteries.

Where can I get a replacement Heat & Glo remote control?
Answer: We get this question often. There is a page on this website just for Fireplace Remote control referrals.
CLICK HERE to go to our Fireplace Remotes Page

Why can't I find a remote for my Aquos TV?
: Aquos is a series of TVs made by Sharp. On the back of your Sharp Aquos TV is the MODEL number. Please search your Model number on our Home Page.

Where can I find a wired remote for my Lift Chair HSW304 or HSW304C?
Remotes.com specializes in TV remote controls, but I did see a website that carries a wired remote for the HSW304 or HSW304C Power Lift Chair. This May Work-Click Here.

Why is my Samsung remote flashing?
Answer: Some Samsung remote controls need to be paired to their TV, before they will operate correctly. If your Samsung remote control has a MICROPHONE button on it and flashes for a few seconds after you press a button, it is trying to tell you that it needs to be PAIRED to the TV. Here is a link to Samsung's instructions on how to PAIR your Samsung remote to your TV: https://www.samsung.com/us/support/answer/ANS00049119/

What should I do if I spill / spilled coffee on my remote?
Answer: Immediately tip the remote on end, allowing the coffee to drain off the remote. Open the battery cover, and remove the batteries. If possible position the remote with the battery cover opening on the bottom to help with the drainage of liquids from the remote.
Inside most remotes is a full rubber sheet of buttons. This rubber sheet can slow down any liquids spilled onto the remote. Do Not use the remote while liquids are still inside the remote. Once it is fully dry, put the batteries back into the remote and see if it works. If it doesn't, you may need to disassemble the remote and clean the rubber keypad and printed circuit board with rubbing alcohol. If all else fails, you may need to purchase a replacement remote control at Remotes.com

I need a remote for my LifeSmart LS-4P1500-HOM 1500W LED Portable Infrared Heater. Do you have a replacement remote?
Answer: Our specialty are remotes for TVs. We don't carry remotes for portable heaters at this time.
I have found an email and phone number for LifeSmart. Email: [email protected] Phone: (657) 341-0362 Pacific Time Zone

I have a Santa's Best Christmas tree H216385 Green Fir, and the remote control no longer works. Where can I find a replacement?
Answer: First, I'd try to clean the battery terminals and springs, then if it still doesn't work, or the remote was lost, I'd look for a replacement on Ebay or Google. The FCC ID# 2AEBHT21801B1 MODEL# 201T2-1801B1W are numbers that have been seen on the correct remote for the H216385 Santa's Best Tree from QVC.

A Customer needed to change the Command Mode of his Sony Receiver STR-DA7ES.
: Press the Customize button On The Receiver (behind door on receiver's front) Use < and > cursors to move through the parameters until you get to Command Mode. Use the Jog dial to change Command Mode AV1 or AV2. The Sony STR-DA4ES receiver changes the Command Mode the same way. Full, step by step instructions are in the Sony Owner's Manual starting on Page 47 under Using the CUSTOMIZE menu to adjust the receiver. The Command Mode parameter is mentioned on page 49. The manual has a typo in it. It says that this "Let's you select the command mode of the REMOTE", but really, it allows you to set the Command Mode of the RECEIVER.