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Recently Asked Questions

Questions asked by our customers:

Can I use my Paypal account? Over the phone?
Answer: Paypal can be used on our website, but not over our phone order line (503) 344-6591
By phone, we can only accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express cards.

Some of my buttons don't work consistently. Do I need a new remote?
Answer: Most likely a new remote will fix your problem. The buttons that are used the most are the first ones to stop working, as their conductive paint wears away first.
Alternate Answer: If you can carefully open your remote, you can clean the rubber keypad and printed circuit board. Sometimes that will restore consistent operation, but usually, you'll need to re-paint the conductive paint on the back of the rubber keypad. We recommend www.Remotefixit.com for cleaner and conductive paint supplies.

How can I track my package if I don't have a computer or smartphone?
Answer: You can call our customer service phone number (503) 344-6591 during our office hours and we can track your package for you.
Alternate Answer: You can call our customer service phone number (503) 344-6591 and we can give you the Postal Tracking number that was assigned to your package. Then you can either call the Post Office at (800) ASK-USPS and give them the postal tracking number and they will tell you when they expect the package to be delivered.

I'm looking for the remote for Boogey Lights. Do you carry those?
Answer: No, we do not have the remotes for LED Awning Boogey Lights. We recommend visiting
www.BoogeyLights.com or call them at (800) 847-1359

Why won't my Onkyo DX-C120 CD player work by remote?
Short Answer: It's a Non-Remote Unit.
Longer Answer: 3 Models of Onkyo CD players are listed on the cover of the owner's manual, DX-C120, DX-C220, and DX-C320. Only the last two, DX-C220 & DX-C320 have a built in "electric eye" or IR Detector. No Remote control in the world will work with a component that was built without an electric eye or IR detector. It's 'blind' and cannot see or respond to remote control signals.
Now with that being said, this model (DX-C120) from Onkyo did come with a remote control cable that if connected to the matching Onkyo receiver would allow you to remotely control the DX-C120 through the matching Onkyo receiver's built in electric eye or IR detector. The chances of you having the matching Onkyo receiver And the necessary remote control cable are about 1,000 to 1, but if you did, and you connected everything correctly, and you had the matching Onkyo receiver's remote control, you could control the DX-C120 remotely.