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About Us

Remotes.com - OEM and Custom-Built Replacement Remotes Since 1991

About Us

Remotes.com started in 1991 and over the last 27 years we've replaced millions of lost or broken remote controls, as well as sought out programming codes for universal remotes and manuals for products. It is for this reason we only sell the original OEM remotes as well as our own custom built replacement Redi Remotes. These custom built replacements aren't like universal remotes that can operate a wide array of products with limited functionality, as they are preprogrammed to have all of the original functions of the original remotes that they strive to replace. Your universal remote may be missing a P.I.P. button, or the button to open Netflix, but a Redi Remote will retain that functionality. A study done by Logitech showed that over 50% of all households have at least four things in their home that take a remote control, and we aim to replace all of them! Remotes.com is the number one provider of brand name remote controls as well as aftermarket remotes, including discontinued models.