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TOSHIBA 75028874 CT-90325 Genuine OEM Remote Control

TOSHIBA 75028874 CT-90325 Genuine OEM Remote Control
Unfortunately, this remote has been discontinued by the manufacturer. For a compatible substitute, please see the Toshiba RT75014374.
Part Number: 75028874
Product Type: TV
Category: LCD

Availability:: No Longer Available
Product Code: TOSHIBA-75028874
Replacement Available! Click Here


Compatible Models:

75014374, 75028874, RT75014374, CT90325, 22C10U, 26C100U, 55SL412U, 50M2U, 24SL410U, 32C120U, 19AV600U, 19C100U, 32E200U, 40E200U, 19SL410, 24SL410, 40SL412U, 23L1350U, 24LA200U, 32FT2U, 32L1300U, 40FT1U, 32C110, 40FT2U, 50L2200U, 40E220U, 55S41U, 37E200U, 22SL400U, 26SL400U, 26C100U1, 29L1350U, 23L2300U, 40L5200U, 19L4200U, 19SL400U, 19C10U, 22C100U, 32SL400U, 32E20U, 32L2300U, 39L2300U, 32L4200U, 50L5200U, 24L4200U, 22AV600U, 32DT1U, 32C10U, 40E20U, 40XV645U, 32DT2U, 32DT2UL, 39L1350U, 32L1350U, 32C100U1, 46L5200U, 55HT1U, 40E210U, 46SL412U, 26C10U, 32E200UM, 46G310U, 39L22U, 50L1350U, 55G310U, 19SL410U, 32C110U, 32C100U, 37E20U, 32L2200U, 40L2200U, 50L2300U, 32C100U2, 65HT2U, 32SL410U, 32C12OU