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SHARP RRMCG1324CESA G1324SA Genuine OEM Original Remote

SHARP RRMCG1324CESA G1324SA Genuine OEM original Remote

Brand: SHARP
Part Number: RRMCG1324CESA
Product Type: TV
Category: STD-CRT

Availability:: No Longer Available
Product Code: SHARP-RRMCG1324CESA
Replacement Available! Click Here


Compatible Models:

RRMCG1324CESA, RTRRMCG1324CESA, G1324SA, 19KM100, 27LS100, 27NS50, 27US60, 32US60, 36US60, CN19M10, 19JM100S, 25LM100B, 25JM100, 13LM100, CJ27S10, CL27S10, CJ25M10, 20JS100, 20LS100, 19NM100, 27NS100, 19RM100, 32US50, 25SR50, 13JM100, 20JM100, 25KM100, 20KS100, 13JM150, 27RS50, CJ13M10, 13LM100B, 25LS100, 13KM100, 25RM100, 25RM100N, 19LM100, 27JS100, 25JS180, 27KS100, 25LM100, 13NM100, 36RS60, 25NM100, CSR5027, CMR10019, 27LS100B, 13NM100B, 27US50, CJ25S20, 19RM100S, CN13M10B, 27U550, 25JS100, 19KM100S, 32RS50, 18LM100BS, 32RS60, 32US60B, 19JM100, 25KS100, 19LM100S, 19LM100BS, 36RS50, 36US50, CK27S10, 20JS100S, CJ20M10