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ONKYO 24140255Y RC-255S Custom Built Redi Remote

ONKYO 24140255Y RC-255S Custom Built Redi Remote


-The original remote control is No Longer Available.
-This custom built replacement remote performs all functions the same as the original remote did except it is missing the TAPE B functions.
-This remote is Custom Built for your product, and Does Not require any programming.
-We install fresh batteries just before shipping to you. It is guaranteed to work right out of the box!

Price: $29.90
Brand: ONKYO
Part Number: 24140255Y
Product Type: AUDIO
Category: RECEIVER
Additional Info: Redi Remote

Availability:: In Stock & Ready to Ship
Product Code: ONKYO-RT24140255Y


Compatible Models:

24140252Y, RT24140255Y, RC252S, TXSV515PRO, TARW311, ASV610PRO, TXSV515PROII, TXSV515, TARW303, MP140, RC-255S, RC255S