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MAGNAVOX 483521917582 00T225AGMA02 Custom Built RediRemote

MAGNAVOX 483521917582 00T225AGMA02 Custom Built RediRemote

-The original remote control is No Longer Available.
-This custom built replacement remote performs all functions the same as the original remote did.
-This remote is Custom Built for your product, and Does Not require any programming.
-We install fresh batteries just before shipping to you. It is guaranteed to work right out of the box!

Price: $29.90
Part Number: 483521917582
Product Type: TV
Category: STD-CRT
Additional Info: Redi Remote

Availability:: In Stock & Ready to Ship
Product Code: MAGNAVOX RT483521917582


Compatible Models:

483521917582, RT483521917582, 00T225AGMA02, PR1356B, PR1916C125, TR2512C, TS2542C, HD2516C123, TS2552C104, PS1952C122, TR2512C121, 25TR12C101, PR1914C121, TS2552C205, TS2752C, PS1952C121, 19PS52C221, PR1312C, PR1357C, 19PR14, 25TR12C, PR1916C121, TS2752C205, TS2752C201, TR2516C121, PR1914C122, 13PR12C, 25TR12C221, 19PR14C121, PS2086B121, 13PR12C121, T22AGMA02, TS2552C101, 25TS52C321, TS2542C102, FS2752A1/01, FS2752A101, EM5019C121, TR2512C102, TS2752, 12PR12E121, 13PR12E121, PR1914C, PS2086, TR2712C101, TR2516C, T225AGMA02, 25TS52C408, TR2516C103, 19PS52C121, PR1916C, 25TS52C, TS2552C198, 483521917612, PR1396X, 00T225WGMA02, PR1396X121