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LG AKB73757502 AN-MR400 Genuine OEM Original Remote

LG AKB73757502 AN-MR400 Genuine OEM original Remote
Also known as the LG Magic Remote Control with Voice Mate for Select 2013 Smart TVs.
For pairing instructions for this remote, please refer to the original owner's manual.
Brand: LG
Part Number: AKB73757502
Product Type: TV
Category: LCD

Availability:: No Longer Available
Product Code: LG-AKB73757502
No Longer Available


Compatible Models:

AKB73757502, ANMR400, AN-MR400, 32LN5700, 32LN570B, 32LN5750, 39LN5700, 39LN5750, 42LA6205, 42LA6650, 42LN5700, 42LN5750, 47LA6205, 47LA6650, 47LA6900, 47LA6950, 47LA7400, 47LN5700, 47LN5750, 47LN5790, 47LN7400, 50LA6205, 50LA6650, 50LA6900, 50LA6950, 50LA6970, 50LN5700, 50LN5750, 55EA8800, 55EA9800, 55LA6200, 55LA6205, 55LA6650, 55LA6900, 55LA6950, 55LA6970, 55LA7400, 55LA9650, 55LA9700, 55LN5700, 55LN5750, 55LN5790, 60LA6205, 60LA7400, 60LA7400, 60LN5700, 60LN5750, 60PH6700, 60PN5700, 65LA9650, 65LA9700