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LG AKB73295502 ANMR200 Genuine OEM Original Remote

LG AKB73295502 ANMR200/INSERT Genuine OEM original Remote

This is the optional MAGIC MOTION remote. The unit must have an RF Dongle (sold separately) to operate remote.
Price: $73.29
Brand: LG
Part Number: AKB73295502
Product Type: TV
Category: PLASMA

Product Code: LG-AKB73295502


Compatible Models:

AKB73295502, ANMR200/INSERT, 55LV9500, 55LV9500 MAGIC, 55LV9500MAGIC, 60PZ950U, 60PZ950U MAGIC, 60PZ950UMAGIC, 55LV5500, 55LV5500 MAGIC, 55LV5500MAGIC, 55LW7700, 55LW7700 MAGIC, 55LW7700MAGIC, 42LK530, 42LK530 MAGIC, 42LK530MAGIC, 42LV5500, 42LV5500 MAGIC, 42LV5500MAGIC, 72LZ9700, 72LZ9700 MAGIC, 72LZ9700MAGIC, 55LV5400, 55LV5400 MAGIC, 55LV5400MAGIC, 47LV5400, 47LV5400 MAGIC, 47LV5400MAGIC, 60PZ750, 60PZ750 MAGIC, 60PZ750MAGIC, 55LW5600, 55LW5600 MAGIC, 55LW5600MAGIC, 47LV5500, 47LV5500 MAGIC, 47LV5500MAGIC, 50PZ950, 50PZ950 MAGIC, 50PZ950MAGIC, 60PZ950, 60PZ950 MAGIC, 60PZ950MAGIC, 50PZ950U, 50PZ950U MAGIC, 50PZ950UMAGIC, 55LW9800, 55LW9800 MAGIC, 55LW9800MAGIC, 50PZ750, 50PZ750 MAGIC, 50PZ750MAGIC, 47LW6500, 47LW6500 MAGIC, 47LW6500MAGIC, 47LW7700, 47LW7700 MAGIC, 47LW7700MAGIC, 55LW9500, 55LW9500 MAGIC, 55LW9500MAGIC, 60LW9500, 60LW9500 MAGIC, 60LW9500MAGIC, 55LW6500, 55LW6500 MAGIC, 55LW6500MAGIC, 42LW5600, 42LW5600 MAGIC, 42LW5600MAGIC, 47LW5600, 47LW5600 MAGIC, 47LW5600MAGIC, 65LW6500, 65LW6500 MAGIC, 65LW6500MAGIC, 47LW9500, 47LW9500 MAGIC, 47LW9500MAGIC

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