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LG AKB72915206 Genuine OEM Original Remote

LG AKB72915206 Genuine  OEM original Remote
Brand: LG
Part Number: AKB72915206
Product Type: TV
Category: LCD

Availability:: No Longer Available
Product Code: LG-AKB72915206
Replacement Available! Click Here


Compatible Models:

AKB72915206, RTAKB72915206, 19LE5300, 32LD420, 42LD420, 47LD420, 32LD450, 37LD450, 42LD450, 47LD450, 22LE5300, 26LE5300, 32LE5300, 37LE5300, 42LE5300, 47LE5300, 55LE5300, 42LE7300, 47LE7300, 55LE7300, 32LD320, 42LD520, 47LD520, 55LD520, 42LD630, 47LD630, 55LD630, 26LD350, 19LD350, 22LD350, 32LD350, 19LD350C, 22LD350C, 22LE5500, 26LE5500, 42LE530C, 47LE530C, 55LE530C, 37LD450C, 42LD450C, 47LD450C, 55LD520C, 32LD520, 32LD350UB, 47LD452B, 26LD350C, 42LD451C, 47LD451C, 26LD352C, 32LD452C, 37LD452C, 47LD452C, 42LD452C, 32LD452B, 42LD452B, 32LD350C, 26LD360L, 32LD360L