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KENWOOD A70-0272-05 RC-9010 Custom Built Redi Remote

KENWOOD A70-0272-05 RC-9010 Custom Built Redi Remote

-The original remote control is No Longer Available.
-This custom built replacement remote performs all AUDIO functions the same as the original remote did. It does not have the LEARN feature & may be missing some buttons from the original remote.
-This remote is Custom Built for your product, and Does Not require any programming.
-We install fresh batteries just before shipping to you. It is guaranteed to work right out of the box!

Price: $29.90
Part Number: A70-0272-05
Product Type: AUDIO
Category: RECEIVER
Additional Info: Redi Remote

Availability:: In Stock & Ready to Ship
Product Code: KENWOOD-RTA70027205


Compatible Models:

A70-0272-05, A70027205, RTA70027205, KRV9010, KA127, KA892, KC206, KC208, KC991, KRA57R, KRV8010, KRV8050, KRV86R, KV917HF, RC120, RC140, RC70, RC992, RCR0800, X94-1030-11, X94103011, ZRC190, KRV9030, RC150, KRV9020, KRV7010, KRV107R, KRV8020, KA109, KC209, KA891, KRV7050, KC992, RCR0700, X94101091, X94-1010-91, KRV87R, KA129, KA791, SPECTRUM 690, SPECTRUM 700, SPECTRUM 710, SPECTRUM 790, SPECTRUM 800, SPECTRUM 890, SPECTRUM 900, SPECTRUM 910, SPECTRUM 990, KA128, KC207 USA, A70020605, A70-0206-05, KRV106R, DPR892, A70059005, A70-0590-05, DPR99, A70034205, A70-0342-05, RC9010, RC-9010, RC190, RC210, A70026005, A70-0260-05, RC80, A70027205, A70-0272-05, A70050405, A70-0504-05, A70051205, A70-0512-05, A70053108, A70-0531-08, A70059105, A70-0591-05, KRV77R, KT591, RC160, A70-0531-08, A70053108