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INTEGRA 24140630 RC-630M Ready-to-Use Redi Remote

INTEGRA 24140630 RC-630M replacement Redi Remote

Please Note:
The original remote control is No Longer Available.
This Custom Built Replacement Remote will perform almost all TUNER/RECEIVER functions of the original remote. There is no MUTE feature on this remote.
Guaranteed to work right out of the box with NO PROGRAMMING required.

Price: $34.90
Part Number: 24140630
Category: AUDIO
SubCategory: RECEIVER
Additional Info: Redi Remotes are Guaranteed to Work Right Out of the Package!

Availability:: In Stock & Ready to Ship
Product Code: INTEGRA-RT24140630-INSERT

24140630, RT24140630, RC630M, DTR4.6, DTR46, 24140632, RC632M, RC-632M, TXSR573S, TXSR573, RC-630M, ,

The models above reflect the known use of each remote based on our extensive database. Each Remote comes equipped with a fresh set of batteries before shipping so that the replacement remote may be used right out of the package!.