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Reset Your Unit and Remote

Reset Your Unit and Remote

If your unit (TV, DVD player, soundbar, etc.) no longer receives signal from your remote control, the remote might just need to be reset or resynchronized. Just follow our 4 step process to bring your remote back to life.

  1. Unplug your unit from power and remove the batteries from the back of your remote (you won't need them again until step 4)
  2. Press and release each and every button on the remote, one at a time, until you've pressed every button at least once
  3. If your remote has slides or switches, move them to each position and repeat step 2 (ex.: a slide that has TV and DVD would require you to press the buttons twice; once in TV mode, and once in DVD mode). Once you're done you can move the switch back to it's normal mode
  4. Reinstall the batteries and plug your unit back into power

You should now be able to control your unit with your remote again!

If these steps didn't return your remote to a working state, please try a signal test.