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PANASONIC EUR7613ZB0 Custom Built Replacement Redi Remote
PANASONIC EUR7613ZB0 Custom Built Replacement Redi Remote

This remote will work TV functions only with NO PROGRAMMING REQUIRED. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Our Price: $29.90
Part Number: EUR7613ZB0
Product Type: TV
Category: STD-CRT
Additional Info: Redi Remote

Availability:: In Stock-Ready To Ship
Product Code: PANASONIC-RTEUR7613ZB0


Compatible Models:

EUR7613ZB0, RTEUR7613ZB0, CT27SL14J, CT32SL14, CT27HL14, CT20SL14, CT24SL14, CT32HXC14J, CT32SC14J, CT36SL14, CT27SC14J, CT32SL15, CT27SL15, CT27SC15, CT20SL15, CT32SL15N , CT275C14MJ, CT24HL14J, CT27E131UG, CT20SL14J, CT24SL14J, CT24SL14UJ, CT27HL14J, CT27SL14, CTF2124, CTF2124L, CTF2134, CTF2134L, CTF2524, CTF2524L, CT2924L, CT27SC14, CT32SC14, CT27HL14UJ, CT27SC14MUJ, CT27SC14UJ, CT32HC14J, CT32HC14UJ, CT32SL14J, CT32SL14UJ, CT32E14, CT32E14J, UR76EC0303, UR76ECO303, EUR7613ZB0R, CT32SC15, CT27SC14MJ