How to Fix Dead Remotes

"Dead" Remotes Can Be Saved!

There's a chance that if your remote control has stopped working, and batteries won't help, that you can resurrect it from the grave and get it back in shape. This process is only about a minute long and brings back 1 in every 3 remotes!

Step 1: Pull the batteries out of the remote and set them aside for later.

Step 2: Press and release each and every button one at a time on the remote control until every button has been pressed and released at least once.

Step 3: If your remote has slide switches, you must move the switch to each position then repeat the button pushing in Step 2.

Step 4: Put the batteries back into the remote, being very careful to install them correctly. New batteries should be used if you're not sure about the old ones.

If it works, great! You've saved yourself some time and money. If not, it's probably time to call in to 1-800-Remotes or use our website to order a replacement.