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Batteries Preinstalled

Batteries Installed

We install fresh batteries in every remote, making sure that you have a replacement remote that works right out of the box.

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1 Year Money Back Guarantee

Unsatisfied with your remote? We offer a one year money back guarantee that includes your shipping!

Fast Shipping

Fast Shipping

Fast shipping. We want you to get your remote as quick as possible.

Replacement Remote Controls for TVs, Stereos, DVD Players & More is the number one provider of brand name remote controls as well as aftermarket TV remotes and OEM TV remotes, including discontinued models. Believe it or not, a recent study discovered that over a third of all living rooms in America have four or more TV remotes, which can be frustrating to say the least. Our TV remote replacement services include thorough testing and pre-programming of all remotes, and all remotes come equipped with new batteries.

Universal TV Remote Codes & OEM Remote Codes

If you have a television, stereo, DVD player or other type of remote that needs to be programmed, check out our extensive list of brands for which we have both universal and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) television remote control codes.

  • Universal remote controls may not be compatible with your electronic device. Despite being "universal," some remotes aren't compatible with certain devices and it makes sense that an older universal remote control wouldn't be able to control a TV that runs on newer software.

  • If a universal remote does work with your device, it probably won't control all of the features. This issue can be particularly frustrating, because you only find out that you can't operate essential features after you've brought home a new remote and opened it up. It's common for universal replacement remote controls to be capable of switching channels but not changing the volume, or maybe operating the DVD player but not the main channels. The end result here is that you could end up with just as many or even more "universal" replacement remotes, which is just clutter that you don't need. Three words: too many buttons.

  • Speaking of clutter, that's pretty much what a universal remote control looks like a big block of cluttered buttons and confusing symbols. These remotes have to attempt to accommodate tons of different brands and devices, so the manufacturers have to include every button imaginable and it's likely that you won't need every single one of these buttons, since no one needs every single television remote button.

Why make life more confusing? If you're looking for the best replacement remote controls, no matter what brand you need and no matter how old your TV may be, is the most trustworthy source for any and all original remote replacements.