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SONY RC1003 Custom Built Redi Remote

SONY RC1003 Custom Built Redi Remote

Please Note:
The original remote control is No Longer Available.
This Custom Built Replacement Remote will perform all TV functions of the original remote. It may not work ARROW LEFT & RIGHT but they can be accessed on the unit itself.
Guaranteed to work right out of the box with NO PROGRAMMING required.

Price: $29.90
Brand: SONY
Part Number: RC1003
Product Type: TV
Category: STD-CRT
Additional Info: SONY-RTRC1003

Availability:: In Stock & Ready to Ship
Product Code: SONY-RTRC1003

RTRC1003, RC1003, 1-465-773-21, 146577321, 1-467-059-11, 146705911, 1-467-059-12, 146705912, 1-467-621-11, 146776211, 1-467-621-12, 146762112, 1-467-622-12, 146762212, KV29RS15, KP41T51, KP41T25, KP53S15, KP53S25, KV27S15, KV27TS35, KV27TS36, KV27TW75, KV27TW77, KV27V15, KV27XBR37, KV32S15, KV32S16, KV32TS35, KV32TS36, KV32TS46, KV32TS46GRY, KV32TW67, KV32TW75, KV32TW77, KV32V15, KV32V16, KV32XBR37, RMY102, RM-Y102, RMY118, RM-Y118, RMY122, RM-Y122, KP46S17, KP53S17, KV32TW78, KV32V26, KV27TW78, KV27TW76, KV35V36, KV27V36, KV27V26, KV20V60, KV32V36, KP46S15, 146705921, 1-467-059-21, KV32TW68, KV35V76, KP46S25, KV27S40, KV27S65, KV27V45, KV32S45, 1-475-802-11, 147580211, KV27V66, KV27V40, KV27S45, KV27V65, KV35S45, KV35V65, KV32FV1, KV27RS15, KV36FV1, RMY167, RM-Y167, KV32S65, KV32V65, KV35S65, KV32TW76, 1-465-773-11, 146577311, KV32V68, RMY154, RM-Y154, KV35V68, KV27FV15, KV32FV15, KV36FV15, 1-418-496-11, 141849611, KV32XBR250, RMY171, RM-Y171, KV36XBR250, KV27S46, KV27S66, RMY170, RM-Y170, KV35S66, KV32S66, RMY169, RM-Y169, KV32FS16, KV36FS16, KV36XBR400, 1-476-094-11, 147609411, KV32XBR400, KV27VF16, KV36FV16, KV27FS16, KV32FV26, KV32FV16, RMY174, RM-Y174, 1-418-465-11, 141846511, KV36FV26, KV32XBR450, KV36XBR450, RMY184, RM-Y184, 1-476-668-11, 147666811, RMY182, RM-Y182, KV32FV27, KV36FV27, KP53HS30, KP43HT20, RMY908, RM-Y908, 1-476-853-11, 147685311, KP61HS30, KP57HW40, 1-476-864-11, 147686411, KP51HW40, KP53HS20, KV40XBR700, 1-476-683-11, 147668311, KV32TW6, KV32FV300, RMY909, RM-Y909, KF60DX100, 1-477-008-11, 147700811, KV36FV300, RMY910, RM-Y910, KP51WS500, KDF60WF655, KV36FS200, KP65WS500, 1-476-094-12, 147609412, 1-476-681-12, 147668112, KP46WT500, KV32S68, 1-418-384-11, 148138411, RMY102, RM-Y102, RMY121, RM-Y121, 1-467-622-11, 146762211, RMY137A, RM-Y137A, 1-473-750-31, 147375031, 1-475-930-11, 147693011, KV27FV310, KV32FS210, KP51WS510, KP46WT510, KP65WS510, KV27FS210, KV32FV310, KV36FS210, KV36FV310, KP57WS510, 1-476-668-12, 147666812, KDP57WS655, 1-478-918-11, 147891811, KDP51WS655, RMY915, RM-Y915, KDF60XS955, KDP42WE655, KDF55WF655, KDF50WE655, KDF55XS955, KV36F310, KP57WS500, KP57WS550, KDF60SX995, KP51W5500, KV36V27, KP61HS20, KP53825, KPWS500, KV32515, KV32V300, RMY118M, RM-Y118M, KV27T32,

The models above reflect the known use of each remote based on our extensive database. Each Remote comes equipped with a fresh set of batteries before shipping so that the replacement remote may be used right out of the package!.