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Toshiba Remote Control Replacement

Remotes are something we use every day for the many devices we have in our homes or offices. But how much do you know about them? Not all remotes are equal, and there are many things you should know before replacing your remotes.

Over half of Americans have four devices in just their living rooms that use remote controls.

Today, Americans own around 335 million TV remotes.

The "Global Remote Control Trends Study" done by Logitech found that if you've misplaced your remote, there's a 50/50 chance you'll find it between your sofa cushions. Also, of those who lost their remotes, 4% found them in their fridge or freezer, and 2% found them outside or even in the car.

One in five Americans owns a device that is connected but rarely, or never, used due to a missing remote.

Touch-screen remotes would make the entertainment experience better, according to around half of those surveyed globally.

The first year statistics were kept on TV sales with remotes (1965), only 1 in 20 sets came with a remote.

Twenty years later, all color TVs came with a remote, and by 1988 the number jumped to three-quarters.

Around 160 million American homes have a TV, according to Nielsen.

If you have the original remote for a device, it never needs to be programmed. So if you need a Toshiba remote control replacement, contact the manufacturer or another company that sells original remotes, rather than jumping on the universal remote bandwagon.

If you believe that your remote is dead, do a little research. One in three remotes can be revived by a simple five step re-start process.

Trying to replace a remote can be a pain, but looking for Toshiba remote control replacement rather than just buying a universal remote will leave you better off. Not only do you get to skip the programming process, but the original remote has more functions for your specific device, making it easier to navigate!