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Sharp Remote Control Replacement

Although Nielsen, which handles television broadcast ratings, estimates that there are around 160 million U.S. homes that own at least one television, the number of TVs in the country is even greater. One research estimate places the number of TVs at around 335 million -- even more than the total U.S. population of roughly 318.9 million! To say that our TVs are a part of our daily lives is probably a major understatement. Yet since the 1980s, it's not just the TV that matters to Americans and others around the world -- it's also the remote control. Television remote controls are that little piece of technology that make life easier but can get lost easily. Of those who have lost or misplaced a remote, half wind up finding them between the couch cushions, and one in every 25 find that remote control in the freezer or refrigerator.

Other times, remotes don't get lost but broken instead. Children, pets, and even clumsy adults can all play a part in losing or damaging a remote. Yet sometimes those remotes can even cease to function, which can render today's high-tech TVs and peripheral devices useless. Furthermore, some manufacturers no longer offer replacement remotes, so for instance, getting a Sharp remote control replacement can cause a TV owner to spend hours on the phone with a manufacturer.

Fortunately, however, there are ways to get something like a Sharp remote control replacement -- or replacement TV remotes for any other brand -- without resorting to universal remotes. While universal remotes may seem like an easy way to regain use of a TV, they often result in loss of function for the user. Replacement remotes are a great solution for families whose remotes have been lost or damaged. Instead, getting a replacement helps to restore function. If one can't be replaced with an original, the other option is to get a brand new remote that mimics the functions of the original one.

A lost or dead remote isn't the end of convenient technology. Find out about Sharp remote control replacements now.