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SAMSUNG BN59-00673A Custom Built Redi Remote

SAMSUNG BN59-00673A Custom Built Redi Remote


Please Note:
The original remote control is No Longer Available.
The Custom Built Replacement Remote will perform all TV functions of the original remote.
Guaranteed to work right out of the box with NO PROGRAMMING required.

Our Price: $29.90
Part Number: BN59-00673A
Product Type: TV
Category: HDTV
Additional Info: Redi Remote

Availability:: In Stock-Ready To Ship
Product Code: SAMSUNG-RTBN5900673A


Compatible Models:

BN59-00673A, BN5900673A, RTBN5900673A, HL56A650, HL61A650, HL50A650, HL61A750, LN40A550, LN46A550, PN50A550, PN58A550, LN52A550, LN37A550, LN40A540, LN46A540, LN32A550, HL67A750A1F, PN58A550S, PN58A550S1F, PN50A550S, LN46A630M1FXZA, LN40A630, LN46A550[3FXZA, LN46A630M1FXZC, LN46A630M1F, LN40A550P1F, HL61A650C1F, HL61A510J1F, HL61A750A1F, HL72A650C1F, LN52A540, HL50A650C1F, HL56A650C1F, LN32A550P1F, LN37A550P3F, LN40A330J1D, LN40A540P2F, LN40A550P3F, LN46A500T1F, LN46A540P2F, LN46A550P3F, LN52A540P2F, LN52A550P3F, LN52A580P6F, LN52A630M1F, LN46A550P1F, LN46A580, PN50A450PIDXZA, PN50A550S1F, PN50A550S1, PN50A550S, LN40A550P3, LN40A550P3FX, LN40A550P3FXZA, LN40A550P, LN37A550P3FXZA, PN58A550S1FXZA, LN32A550P3F, HL67A750, LN46A630M1FXZX, LN32A550P3F, LN32A550P3FXZA