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SAMSUNG BP59-00048CGenuine OEM original Remote

SAMSUNG BP59-00048C<B>Genuine OEM original Remote
Refurbished - Only refurbished remotes are available. They have a few scratches on the surface of the remote but come with the same money back guarantee as if they were new. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Part Number: BP59-00048C
Product Type: TV
Category: STD-CRT

Availability:: Limited to Quantities on Hand
Product Code: SAM-BP59-00048C
No Longer Available


Compatible Models:

BP59-00048A, BP5900048A, RTBP5900048C, HLN617W1, HLN437W1X, HLN617W1X, HLN437W1, HLN467W1, HLN467W1X, HLN507W1, HLN507W1X, HLN567W1X, HLN567W1, HLN4365W1, HLN5065W1, BP59-00048B, BP5900048B, HLP5063W, HLP4663W, HLP6163W, HLP6163W, HLP5663W, HLP4663WX, HLP6163WS, HLP6163WSXAA, HLP6163WX, HLP6163WXXAA, HLP6163WXXAC, HLP6163WXXAP, BP59-00048C, BP5900048C, HLP5685W, HLP5085W, HLP5663WX, HLR6164W, HLP5063WX, HLP5085WX, HLR5064W, HLP5685WS, HLP5685WSXAA, HLP5685WX, HLP5685WXXAA, HLP5685WXXAC, HLP5685WXXAP