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SAMSUNG AA59-00772A Genuine OEM Original Remote

SAMSUNG AA59-00772A Genuine OEM Original Remote
This remote must be paired to the TV via Bluetooth. Consult the E-manual for instructions.

Our Price: $103.96
Part Number: AA59-00772A
Product Type: TV
Category: 3D

Product Code: SAM-AA59-00772A


Compatible Models:

AA59-00772A, AA5900772A, UN50F6400AF, UN55F6800AFXZA, UN65F7050AF, UN55F7050AF, UN46F6800AF, UN50F6400, UN65F7100AFXZA, UN55F7100AF, UN55F7100AFXZA, UN55F6400AFXZA, UN60F7100, UN60F6400AF, UN75F7100AFXZA, UN46F7100AF, UN46F7100AFXZA, UN75F6400, PN51F5500, UN40F6400AFXZA, PN60F5500, UN60F6400AFXZA, UN60F7100AFXZA, UN75F6400AF, UN75F6400AFXZA, UN46F6400FXZA, UN40F6400AF, UNF6400, UN50F6400AFXZA, UN65F7100AF, UN46F6400, UN55F7100, UN55F6400, UN46F6800AFXZA, UN60F7100AF, UN55F6400AF, UN50F6800AF, UN65F7100, PN64F5500, UN55F7050A, UN40F6400, UN46F6800, UN55F6800, UN55F6800AF, UN60F6400, UN75F7100, UN75F7100AF, UN50F6800, PN60F5500A, PN60F5500AF, PN60F5500AFXZA, UN46F6400A