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PHILIPS 483531057554S Custom Built Redi Remote

PHILIPS 483531057554S Custom Built Redi Remote


-The original remote control is No Longer Available.
-This custom built replacement remote performs all MASTER/SETUP functions the same as the original remote did.
-This remote is Custom Built for your product, and Does Not require any programming.
-We install fresh batteries just before shipping to you. It is guaranteed to work right out of the box!

Our Price: $29.90
Part Number: 483531057554S
Product Type: TV
Category: HOTEL
Additional Info: Redi Remote

Availability:: In Stock & Ready to Ship
Product Code: PHILIPS-RT483531057554S


Compatible Models:

483531057554, RT483531057554S, INSERT, EMK974, PL4125C101, KJ9419C101, KJ9922C, KJ9922C MASTER, KJ9922CMASTER, 25LT220L/17, 25LT220L17 MASTER, 25LT220L17MASTER, PL6120C121, PL6120C121 MASTER, PL6120C121MASTER, KHTC91, KHTC91 MASTER, KHTC91MASTER, 19LT010L35, 19LT010L-35, 19LT010L35 MASTER, 19LT010L35MASTER, KJ9220, KJ9220 MASTER, KJ9220MASTER, TL7127C101, PC0127C121, PC0127C121 MASTER, PC0127C121MASTER, PL0125 MASTER, PL0125MASTER, 37HF7544D MASTER, 37HF7544DMASTER, PL0119C MASTER, PL0119CMASTER, 42HFL5860D, 42HFL7580A, 37HFL5560D, PCW227C321, 32HF7945D27, 32HF7945D27 MASTER, 32HF7945D27MASTER, 37HFL5581V27 MASTER, 37HFL5581V27MASTER, PCW127C121, 26HF5545D MASTER, 26HF5545DMASTER, 42HF7945D, 42HF7945D MASTER, 42HF7945DMASTER, OCV625C122, OCV625C122 MASTER, OCV625C122MASTER, 42HFL4482FF7 SETUP, 42HFL4482FF7SETUP, 32HFL5662L MASTER, 32HFL5662LMASTER, 27ST6210, 27ST6210 MASTER, 27ST6210MASTER, KJ9319C, KJ9319C MASTER, KJ9319CMASTER, RC2573GR MASTER, RC2573GRMASTER, 42HF7544D27, 42HF7544D27 MASTER, 42HF7544D27MASTER, PL0125C, PL0125C MASTER, PL0125CMASTER, 32HFL5860D27, 32HF7965D, 32HF7965D MASTER, 32HF7965DMASTER, 32HF5445, 32HF5445 MASTER, 32HF5445MASTER, 42HF7845, 42HF7845 MASTER, 42HF7845MASTER, 26HF7878, 26HF7875 MASTER, 26HF7875MASTER, 37HFL5581V37, 26HF7945D, 26HF7945D MASTER, 26HF7945DMASTER, 26HF7945D27, 26HF7945D27 MASTER, 26HF7945D27MASTER, 32HF7955H27, 32HF7955H27 MASTER, 32HF7955H27MASTER, 30HW9100D MASTER, 30HW9100DMASTER, 40HFL5783D MASTER, 40HFL5783DMASTER, 52HFL5581V27 MASTER, 52HFL5581V27MASTER, 37HFL5581D27 MASTER, 37HFL5581D27MASTER, 22HFL5662H, 22HFL5662H SETUP, 22HFL5662HSETUP, RJ9420A101, RJ9420A101 FULL, RJ9420A101FULL, OCV625C123, OCV625C123 MASTER, OCV625C123MASTER, KHTC9119, KHTC9119 MASTER, KHTC9119MASTER, KHTC9120, KHTC9120 MASTER, KHTC9120MASTER, 27HT7210D27, 27HT7210D27 MASTER, 27HT7210D27MASTER, 42HF7544R, 42HF7544R MASTER, 42HF7544RMASTER, 42HFL5860D27, 52HFL5580D27, 26HF5544D27, 32HFL5460S27, PRF227S, 27HT7210D, 26HF5445, 26HF5445 MASTER, 26HF5445MASTER, 32HF5545D, 32HF5545D MASTER, 32HF5545DMASTER, 40HFL5783L MASTER, 40HFL5783LMASTER, 32HFL5763D MASTER, 32HFL5763DMASTER, 26HFL5561V27 MASTER, 26HFL5561V27MASTER, 42HFL5581V27 MASTER, 42HFL5581V27MASTER, TL7105C107, TL7105C107 MASTER, TL7105C107MASTER, PCW227C, PCW227C MASTER, PCW227CMASTER, TL6120C121, TL6120C121 MASTER, TL6120C121MASTER, HC9619C, HC9619C MASTER, HC9619CMASTER, KHTC8820, KHTC8820 MASTER, KHTC8820MASTER, 42HF995S, 42HF995S MASTER, 42HF995SMASTER, 27LT220L17, 27LT220L-17, 27LT220L17 MASTER, 27LT220L17MASTER, PL0119C125, PL0119C125 MASTER, PL0119C125MASTER, 26HFL5830D, 32HF7965D/37, 32HF7965D37 MASTER, 32HF7965D37MASTER, RC2573, 26HF7955H, 26HF7955H MASTER, 26HF7955HMASTER, 32HF7955H, 32HF7955H MASTER, 32HF7955HMASTER, 32HFL5561D27 MASTER, 32HFL5561D27MASTER, 32HFL5561V27 MASTER, 32HFL5561V27MASTER, 37HFL5581L27 MASTER, 37HFL5581L27MASTER, 32HFL5860L27, 32HFL5662D, 32HFL5662D SETUP, 32HFL5662DSETUP, 37HFL5682L, 37HFL5682L SETUP, 37HFL5682LSETUP, 42HFL4482F, 42HFL4482F SETUP, 42HFL4482FSETUP, 42HFL5682L, 42HFL5682L SETUP, 42HFL5682LSETUP, TC7225C107, PLW225S, PLW225S MASTER, PLW225SMASTER, 27ST220L17, 27ST220L17 MASTER, 27ST220L17MASTER, PL4121C, PL4121C MASTER, PL4121CMASTER, RX4240WA21, RX4240WA21 MASTER, RX4240WA21MASTER, 25ST220L17, 25ST220L-17, 25ST220L17 MASTER, 25ST220L17MASTER, HC9713C, HC9713C MASTER, HC9713CMASTER, KHTC8920, KHTC8920 MASTER, KHTC8920MASTER, 32HF7544D, 32HF7544D MASTER, 32HF7544DMASTER, PRF227S325, PRF227S325 MASTER, PRF227S325MASTER, 42HF7544D, 42HF7544D MASTER, 42HF7544DMASTER, 52HFL5580D, 32HFL5860D, HC9919C125, PCW027C121 MASTER, PCW027C121MASTER, 26HW9100D, 26HW9100D MASTER, 26HW9100DMASTER, 32HFL5763L MASTER, 32HFL5763LMASTER, 26HFL5561L27 MASTER, 26HFL5561L27MASTER, 42HFL5581L27 MASTER, 42HFL5581L27MASTER, 52HFL5581L27 MASTER, 52HFL5581L27MASTER, 26HFL5860D, 26HFL5662H, 26HFL5662H SETUP, 26HFL5662HSETUP, 32HFL4462F, 32HFL4462F SETUP, 32HFL4462FSETUP, 32HFL5662H, 32HFL5662H SETUP, 32HFL5662HSETUP, 42HFL5682D, 42HFL5682D SETUP, 42HFL5682DSETUP, TL6125C, TL6125C MASTER, TL6125CMASTER, PA3520, PA3520 MASTER, PA3520MASTER, OCV725C107, OCV725C107 MASTER, OCV725C107MASTER, PL9125C221, PL9125C221 MASTER, PL9125C221MASTER, HC0113C, HC0113C MASTER, HC0113CMASTER, HC9913C, HC9913C MASTER, HC9913CMASTER, PC9227C121, PC9227C121 MASTER, PC9227C121MASTER, PL0125C322, PL0125C322 MASTER, PL0125C322MASTER, 42HF7543/37, 42HF754337 MASTER, 42HF754337MASTER, PL0127C321, PL0127C321 MASTER, PL0127C321MASTER, 38HW981, 34HW981 MASTER, 34HW981MASTER, EM6019, EM6019 MASTER, EM6019MASTER, 37HFL5560D27 MASTER, 37HFL5560D27MASTER, 26HF5544D, 32HF7875, 32HF7875 MASTER, 32HF7875MASTER, 32HF5545D27, 32HF5545D27 MASTER, 32HF5545D27MASTER, 32HFL5662LF7 MASTER, 32HFL5662LF7MASTER, 26HFL5860D27, 37HFL4482F, 37HFL4482F SETUP, 37HFL4482FSETUP, HC9719C, HC9719C MASTER, HC9719CMASTER, 26HF7544D, 26HF7544D27, 32HFL5870D10, 32HFL5870D/10