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Panasonic Remote Control Replacement

Did you know that if you have the original remote for a device, it never needs to be programmed? Innovations such as the universal remote can only do so much when compared to something like a Panasonic replacement remote. Universal remotes, because they can control numerous devices, tend to have more generalized functions, rather than functions specific to the device you're using. This can get frustrating!

Did you also know that the remote control was actually patented at the same time, if not before, the TV? Read on for some facts about remotes, by the numbers!
1893: The year Nikola Tesla files a patent for the remote control. At this time, the television was only a patent as well.
50%: The amount of Americans who have four devices in their living room along that use remote controls.
335 Million: Roughly the amount of TV remotes Americans use.
50%: The chance that your lost remote is between your couch cushions, according to the "Global Remote Control Trends Study" done by Logitech.
4%: The chance your lost remote is in your fridge or freezer.
2%: The chance you've left your remote outside or all the way out in your car.
1 in 5: Americans who have a device that's rarely or never used because they have a missing remote. A simple solution is a replacement. You can get something like a Panasonic replacement remote incredibly cheap, and then you can start using your device again!
47-59%: The number of people around the world who say that their entertainment experience would be better if they had a touch-screen remote.
1965: The first year statistics were kept on television sales. Only one in 20 TV sets came with a remote control.
1985: Only 20 years later, all color TVs came with a remote.
160 Million: American homes that have TVs, according to Nielsen.
1 in 3: The number of "dead" remotes that can be revived in a simple five step re-start process.