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PANASONIC EUR7613ZB0 Custom Built Redi Remote

PANASONIC EUR7613ZB0 Custom Built Redi Remote

This remote will work TV functions only with NO PROGRAMMING REQUIRED. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Our Price: $29.90
Part Number: EUR7613ZB0
Product Type: TV
Category: STD-CRT
Additional Info: Redi Remote

Availability:: In Stock-Ready To Ship
Product Code: PANASONIC-RTEUR7613ZB0


Compatible Models:

EUR7613ZB0, RTEUR7613ZB0, CT27SL14J, CT32SL14, CT27HL14, CT20SL14, CT24SL14, CT32HXC14J, CT32SC14J, CT36SL14, CT27SC14J, CT32SL15, CT27SL15, CT27SC15, CT20SL15, CT32SL15N , CT275C14MJ, CT24HL14J, CT27E131UG, CT20SL14J, CT24SL14J, CT24SL14UJ, CT27HL14J, CT27SL14, CTF2124, CTF2124L, CTF2134, CTF2134L, CTF2524, CTF2524L, CT2924L, CT27SC14, CT32SC14, CT27HL14UJ, CT27SC14MUJ, CT27SC14UJ, CT32HC14J, CT32HC14UJ, CT32SL14J, CT32SL14UJ, CT32E14, CT32E14J, UR76EC0303, UR76ECO303, EUR7613ZB0R, CT32SC15, CT27SC14MJ