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TOSHIBA 75037885 CT-8037 Custom Built Redi Remote Control
TOSHIBA 75037885 CT-8037 Custom Built Redi Remote Control


Our Price: $29.90
Part Number: 75037885
Product Type: TV
Category: LED
Additional Info: Redi Remote

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Product Code: TOSHIBA-RT75037885


Toshiba 75037885 CT-8037 – Redi-Remote

The Toshiba 75037885 television remote control works for several models of Toshiba televisions. If you need a Toshiba 40l3400u remote or 65l5400u remote, the CT-8037 is the only remote you will need. The Toshiba CT-8037 has been discontinued by the manufacturer; therefore, we have created an identical television remote control to accommodate these television and stereo owners. The CT-8037 Toshiba Redi-Remote is able to perform every function the original remote control was designed to do without including unnecessary buttons and tabs that will never be used. Each remote we provide comes equipped with new batteries, requires no programming and works right out of the box.

Toshiba CT-8037 Compatible Models

The Toshiba CT8037 replacement television remote control works for several Toshiba TV models and effortlessly replaces their individual television remotes. Check below to see if your television remote can be replaced by the Toshiba CT-8037: 50L3400U, 40L3400U, 58L5400U, 65L5400U, PK11V02040I

Television Model Numbers:

  • 50L3400U
  • 40L3400U
  • 58L5400U
  • 65L5400U

Remote Control Model Numbers

  • 75037885
  • PK11V02040I
  • RT75037885