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Philips Remote Control Replacement

Smart TVs are among some of the most popular electronics in recent years. It seems like everyone is updating their old sets and investing in one compatible with their favorite apps. Philips has launched another change in late May. Android TV will now be available on Philips TVs from the 5-series upwards, thanks to TP Vision. That brings the number up to 38 models that have access to Android TV.

Previously, Android TV was only available on the most recent versions of Philips TVs; however, with this update, 80% have access to the Google Play store. Smart TVs are just like smart phones; they're fast and easy to use, with great accessibility. In fact, you can now find Top Picks from various sources right on your home screen, rather than having to flip through various applications. The result? Better remote control and usage of a faster chip set. So if you've lost your remote or switched to a universal, you may want to think about a Philips replacement remote control. These remotes have a ton of features on them that you won't find with a generic remote.

Gaming and apps from the Smart TV Alliance will also be available next to Google Play. There are over 200 games available om newer sets, from the likes of Gameloft and EA. They're available as downloads or from the cloud.

This new update is great for Philips TV users, and many are excited to see what comes next. Updating the rest of your equipment may also be a good idea. The manufacturer or a re-seller can help you find a Philips remote control replacement, or you can update your sound system for all of the awesome new features you have access to! Are you planning on upgrading, or do you already have a Smart TV?