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ZENITH Remote Control is your trusted source for a Zenith replacement remote contro. Zenith was one of the pioneers of the modern remote control. As a matter of fact, Zenith had the first model designed to work with a tv. This remote was called the Lazy Bones, and used a wire to connect to the television. The Flash Matic was the first wireless remote control, and it worked by flashing a light that was then picked up by a photoelectric cell within the television. Rather annoyingly, the tv couldn’t distinguish between the remote’s light and other light sources.

In 1956 the Space Command was introduced. Instead of a light, it actually used a tiny hammer that hit a rod. The sound produced would then be picked up by the television. This led to the remote nickname, ‘clicker’. All of these advances eventually led to the device that you use today and miss so dearly. Order your Zenith remote control replacement today.