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SYLVANIA Remote Controls

We have a huge selection of Sylvania replacement remote controls so you don’t need to search hard after your original remote wears out, gets lost or broken. will be able to supply you with a reliable OEM remote control of the exact same model as your old remote.

Your Sylvania TV or other electronics are reliable and high quality equipment that should last you many years. Unfortunately the remote controls may give out before the main unit does due to the rough daily use they receive. Being dropped, played with by kids, chewed on by the family dog, constant button pressing are some of the reasons remotes fail early. If this happens to you, make sure you replace your remote with a Sylvania remote that matches the original if you can., a leader in the industry, has been in business since 1991 and has sold millions of replacement remotes of many different brands. If you have any needs for a Sylvania replacement remote control, make sure you take a look at for everything replacement remote control related including Sylvania remote codes.