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SANYO Remote Control

You know the inconvenience of life without a remote. If you find yourself without your Sanyo remote, look to for a Sanyo remote control replacement. You don’t want to be stuck without a remote for long, but life with the remote control wasn’t always commonplace. It was until the 1950’s and 1960’s, when models like the Blab-off, The Flash-Matic, and the Space Command, that remotes started getting more attention. The Blab-off was created in response to the obnoxious advertisers on the airwaves. People wanted a way to shut the blab off. The Flash-Matic was Zenith’s first foray into wireless remote controls, and it had the shape of a pistol. The Space Command was also introduced by Zenith, and because of it’s mechanical action of a hammer hitting a rod to produce a sound that was then interpreted by television, it lead to people referring to the remote as a “clicker”. If your Sanyo clicker is lost or broken, find a Sanyo remote control replacement here.